The Magician

There are success stories that are based on will, focus, talent and sheer hard work.

And then there are stories that are larger than life.

How a man can rise out of no resources, just on the premise of perseverance, to a man looked up by many across the globe can be one such story.

Yes, it is a story of a photographer who once wanted to be a designer.

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Without money and without getting any money, he worked learning the craft of Graphic Design and in an era when everything was done by hand (not on the Computer).

But life had more difficulties in store for him and that’s the time when he was pushed to pick up the Camera. With the camera in hand, he relentlessly went on challenging the status quo.

And the results were only a by-product.

All this while and always henceforth he moved in the absence of a mentor with a whole family to look after. He never competed for money but results or output, as we know.

And that is why he is the most sought after name in Advertising Photography with brands from across the globe resting their trust on him.

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Creative talent requires passion to hone itself but most importantly it requires 'inspiration'.

Something or someone to look upto.

No exposure to good work or great artists in real life and in a no computer age from a small city called Rajkot (Gujarat), rose the humble photographer named Raju Pathak.

Probably, that’s how original thinkers are suppose to be born.

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The fact that he was not taught by anyone, came the experimentative style of learning.

He recalls that he has always loved this mystery about his art which is also a science in many ways. He still learns through experimentation and tireless dedication to surpass even the best results.

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Pure talent shines right from the beginning (and in his case too).

Mont Blanc, a hundred year old global brand is only one such example.

After six months of submitting work from the small city of Rajkot, his work got approved for Mont Blanc advertising campaign.

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Top Global Brands have entrusted their invaluable products photography with him and his professional journey is only 42 years young and from the time when he was only 12 years old.

Today even at the age of 51, every birthday of his is celebrated like a milestone for newer skies to be touched in the year to come.

All of this, for a simple motto in life, to leave behind something that will last for ever.

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